DR on demand

ACC DR on Demand model reduces costs over dedicated DR infrastructure and eliminates the inherent underutilization. ACC cloud also alleviates the need for an off-site DR location. When it comes to application recovery using the cloud there are several approaches, each of which requires careful consideration. Three of these include:

  • Recovering applications on virtual servers through a cloud provider’s catalog:

This recovery process may be viable for small workloads, it can be a time consuming manual process. This is particularly true when attempting to recover tens or hundreds of servers.

  • Recovering virtual machines directly in cloud compute:

A faster approach than the above involves recovering virtual machines in the cloud, similar to failover of virtual machines between hypervisors. This is possible if the same hypervisor runs on-premise and in the cloud. However, while moving virtual machine (VM) images between like hypervisors is generally straightforward, many cloud providers may not offer sufficient administrative privilege in their virtual compute environments or simply may not be compatible with on-premise hypervisors.

  • Importing on-premise virtual machines into the cloud via conversion scripts and tools:

The promise of this approach is that it addresses hypervisor incompatibility between on-premise and cloud environments. However, it is important to ensure that conversion scripts and tools operate correctly across all virtual machines, since an import failure during a disaster can be a show-stopper. Also, be sure to confirm that the scripts/tools can operate bidirectionally, meaning they allow a way to eventually fail back virtual machines back to the on-premise environment.