ACC Management Platform

The ACC Cloud Management Platform enables our customers to adopt cloud-based, everything as a service IT operating models to compress IT service delivery time and lower costs throughout the enterprise. We provide a single, consolidated ACC Cloud Management Platform that simplifies the complexities of private, public, and hybrid cloud management for large enterprises. The Management Platform’s unmatched capabilities in policy-based governance, security, and lifecycle management allow our customers to accelerate the adoption of cloud services and speed the delivery of business applications safely into the cloud with complete governance and control.

Deploy and move freely across clouds

ACC Cloud Management Platform automates the deployment and management of cloud applications, development platforms, and a broad range of other cloud services across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. ACC Cloud Management Platform also improves the speed and frequency of software releases and accelerates the application delivery lifecycle. ACC Cloud Management Platform ensures the portability of cloud services throughout their lifecycle independent of the underlying infrastructure or cloud deployment environment.

Fully governed, self-service IT

Global enterprises use the ACC Cloud Management Platform to empower their business units with fully governed, self-service access to the standardized and customizable applications and platforms they need. Enterprises are using the ACC Cloud Management Platform not simply to manage cloud infrastructure, but to transform their entire IT operating model with on demand applications and platforms that provide significant cost and time to market advantages while meeting stringent requirements for governance, compliance, and security through flexible policy definition and enforcement.

Powerful capabilities… and fast results

ACC Cloud Management Platform is an extremely versatile platform with broad and deep capabilities – yet the time-to-value for production implementation can be remarkably short. ACC Cloud ACC Cloud Management Platform customers have deployed fully governed, private PaaS solutions into production within two weeks; obtaining key benefits such as compressing critical delivery cycle times from multiple months to just minutes.

ACC Cloud Management Platform is a fully integrated offering containing multiple product modules, cloud adapters, and a robust API. Learn more about ACC Cloud Management Platform core capabilities and lifecycle management product modules by following these next steps:

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