Integration as a Service

ACC introduces a holistic approach to SOA, enabling IT organizations to converge traditionally disparate integration efforts and practices through a common set of products, tools and best practices. Based on best-in-class open source technology, ACC combines common graphical tooling, repository, deployment, execution and monitoring capabilities, allowing organizations to rapidly take advantage of more applications and data resources than ever before.

Unified Eclipse-based Tooling

A single, Eclipse-based tooling environment allows users to model, configure, test and deploy solutions that combine data integration, data quality, application integration and business process management. This speeds time to deployment by eliminating lengthy learning curves. Developers can quickly build integration jobs; data profiles; a master data hub; and implement web services, data services, REST applications and messaging routes.

Extensive Connectivity

ACC speeds development across complex, heterogeneous environments through support for over 450 connectors to all types of sources including big data, databases, packaged applications (ERP, CRM, etc.), SaaS and Cloud applications, mainframes, files, Web services, data warehouses, data marts, and OLAP applications.

Team Collaboration

The ACC repository facilitates best practices and collaboration across application integration and data management projects by storing development and operations artifacts – such as projects, integration patterns, metadata and other items – and allowing them to be shared among a team of developers or administrators.

Comprehensive Management and Monitoring

ACC facilitates the administration of production environments by providing activity monitoring and analysis to introspect and report on integration jobs, web services, master data hubs and REST applications. Administrators use one graphical tool to monitor the activity of any job, service, or application. Events are easily monitored with drill-down capabilities for in-depth analysis. ACC speeds deployments and upgrades through a centralized deployment console enabling organizations to rapidly respond to change requests.