Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Enterprise-class infrastructure services on a cloud cost model

ACC’s Infrastructure as a Service effectively provides customers with access to their own highly available and scalable enterprise-class virtual data centre. Once a baseline monthly requirement for compute, storage and network is defined, customers are free to dynamically increase this capacity on demand, only paying for additional resources as and when needed.

We believe that the modern business should not be satisfied with low performance and availability infrastructure that hinders the delivery of core services. Your line of business applications require a platform that performs as well as the best physical infrastructure, delivered on a cost-effective cloud commercial model.

ACC’s Enterprise Data Centre delivers a wide range of infrastructure services, including highly performant virtual servers, high speed cloud storage, scalable virtual desktop services, Database as a Service and data centre LAN and security options

Development & Testing environment

  • DevOps automation technology and services
  • Test automation technology and services
  • Cloud migration and integration services
  • API strategy and implementation
  • Platform as a Service consulting, management and operations
  • Program, project or analyst services
  • Interim executive and lead engineer services
  • Product development leadership
  • Technology strategy and implementation consulting

Virtual Desktop- Workspace as service

ACC Virtual DesktopĀ  platform was built from the ground up for delivering desktops and applications as a cloud service. Platform enables the deployment of Windows desktops and applications from the cloud to any user, anywhere, on any device. Traditional virtual desktop vendors built their offerings for on-site deployments and are lacking key cloud delivery features.

ACC unique cloud features include: multi-tenancy; massive scalability from grid architecture; multi-location management; and the lowest cost model in the industry through our use of open source infrastructure.

Database as a service

ACC Database as a Service combines the virtual private cloud delivery model with traditional database management, overlaying an innovative, flexible commercial structure on our tried and tested managed service.

We deliver the infrastructure required to run your database, scaling from a single low capacity, resilient virtual server right up to a clustered pair of dedicated high performance physical servers split across sites. Whatever the performance and availability requirement, ACC works with customers to create the optimal