Data as a Service

Extreme availability, flexible cost models and highly scalable infrastructure

All ACC on-demand and cloud services are built on our proprietary Enterprise Cloud, a production grade virtual server and storage platform that delivers both high performance and resilience without compromise.

Harnessing ACC’s comprehensive portfolio of best-of-breed data centres and technology partnerships, the Enterprise Cloud offers bespoke virtual colocation and managed services that scale perfectly with business requirements, giving organizations of all shapes and sizes access to high performance with dual site synchronous data replication and near-continuous availability.

The Enterprise Cloud meets all requirements for production and disaster recovery in a single service, utilising ACC’s underlying infrastructure of high performing resilient interconnections and physical data centre space.

In addition, the Enterprise Cloud delivers fibre channel presented, synchronously replicated Storage as a Service for customers with physical servers colocated in ACC data centres.

Budget management

Built on a highly flexible ‘pay as you grow’ model, ACC’s Enterprise Cloud gives businesses of any size access to the benefits of virtualisation without upfront capital investment. With overstretched budgets and increasing reliance on IT services, organisations are always looking for ways to control costs and accurately predict and meet demand.

ACC’s flexible OPEX-based cost models reflect utilisation, ensuring that you only pay for what you use and matching spend with evolving business needs.

Scalable infrastructure

In addition to flexible payment models, access to flexible infrastructure allows organisations to meet rapid growth and peaks in demand for services. The Enterprise Cloud provides proximity to customers who have colocated physical infrastructure in ACC data centres, functioning as an extension of the physical estate that can be easily scaled up and down as required with minimal impact on operations.

Disaster recovery

As organisations become increasingly dependent upon IT to deliver both internal and external services effectively, the complete loss of a data centre site can be disastrous.

ACC can migrate operational virtual servers instantaneously between the two physical data centre facilities with no loss of service. This seamless integration meets many customers’ disaster recovery requirements automatically, negating the need to purchase additional DR infrastructure and associated support and licensing costs.

IT security and compliance

ACC provides dedicated underlying physical hardware within the Enterprise Cloud platform for customers who require greater security or isolation of their data for compliance or performance reasons.

Enterprise Cloud customers can also be assured that data will remain in national data centres and will never be moved offshore, with support and management delivered by a nearshore, dual site Service Operations Centre.

Data can be further isolated by provisioning virtual storage instances as well as dedicated physical spindles.

Unparalled customisation

ACC’s unified virtual platform offers incredible scalability, very high performance and the capability to provision virtual servers with exceptionally granular levels of customisation.

Rather than choosing a micro, small or large option, ACC’s Enterprise Cloud allows you to control every parameter, ensuring that the service is precisely tuned to your requirements at all times, monitored and managed 24/7.

Virtual servers can be provisioned with a huge range of variable elements, including the number of virtual CPU, RAM, disk and network . It is also possible to specify options for dual site Internet breakout, high availability firewalling, intrusion prevention and load balancing as well as additional security elements for PCI-DSS and other regulatory requirements.

In addition to the technical capability of the highly resilient infrastructure, ACC has also built a service layer that delivers fully customisable management and monitoring down to the individual component.

ACC develops a unique monitoring and response matrix for each Enterprise Cloud customer, tailoring alerting thresholds and escalation to each defined service. The underlying Enterprise Cloud infrastructure and customers’ virtual servers are managed by ACC up to the operating system layer – applications, backups and batch processes can also be monitored and managed on request.


Key features

  • High performance, high availability virtual servers
  • High performance replicated Storage as a Service
  • Dual site underlying infrastructure presented as one logical entity
  • Continued service in the event of the complete loss of a data centre
  • Data centres are located to satisfy compliance and DR requirements
  • Full customisation of virtual server specification
  • Full monitoring and management of virtual servers
  • 24/7 SOC and transparent service management via ACC’s proprietary portal
  • All data is retained within the country
  • Hybrid solutions combining Enterprise Cloud with physical data centre space and network services delivered through a single provider



  • Scales to meet both the smallest and largest compute and storage requirements
  • Eliminates the need for DR; no additional licensing required
  • Works with any VMware supported application
  • Rapid deployment with individualised service delivery
  • Tailored 24/7 management and monitoring
  • Affordable enterprise-grade availability and performance
  • Connect your physical, legacy infrastructure directly to your cloud platform, moving workloads between your private cloud and fully locked down, dedicated physical environments