External CSB

ACC Cloud Service Broker enablement solutions allow organizations to increase profitability and market share, by unifying the delivery of cloud services and differentiating their core products and services. Organizations can deliver various cloud service offerings with a single point of provisioning, access, security, billing, administration and support, providing tremendous value to customers and partners.

Leveraging ACC solutions, many organizations that have implemented the cloud services brokerage model have achieved:

Typical Use Cases

  • Telecommunications providers seeking to improve customer profitability and retention by selling value-added services that complement their own core offerings
  • IT Distributors that want to extend their current hardware and software fulfillment offerings to include cloud services, thereby improving channel productivity and profitability
  • Technology Providers and OEMs that want to create their own partner ecosystems so they can drive add-on services revenue and further differentiate their own core product offerings


Organizations of all types try to gain an edge on their competition by leveraging emerging market opportunities intelligently, to retain customers, capture new markets, and differentiate services.

The ACC cloud service broker enablement solution allows organizations to extend their core offerings by offering value-added cloud services. Service providers, technology providers, and OEMs have significant opportunities to leverage their “trusted advisory” relationships with their existing customers and partners by unifying the delivery of cloud services.